Petowbowk Lodge

Q: What weeks are available?
A:  The lodge is available to rent during June, July, August and September.  Please check our online calendar at the Vermont Vacation Rental Guide to determine availability for specific weeks.

Q: Are pets allowed?
A:  Yes, friendly pets are allowed. We ask you to respect the other people enjoying the lake.

Q: Is there a washer and dryer available?
A:  There is a Laundromat in the local city of Vergennes. There is also a clothesline on and near the porch where clothes and towels can be hung for drying.

Q: Can we swim in the lake?
A:  The water is cool but most renters do enjoy swimming. It is important to wear foot protection, such as water shoes.  The zebra mussels which have invaded the lake are very sharp and can easily cut your feet.

Q: What type of access is available to lake recreation at the lodge?
A:  There is a "L-shaped" dock installed when the water level permits, typically during the first week of July. It is located north of the lookout and extends 20-feet from a concrete pier. It can be used for boating, swimming, and fishing.

Q: Is there a place to tie my boat?
A:  There is a floating mooring that can receive a sizable boat (see picture in lake view). The mooring is a 35-foot steel chain attached to a 100-pound mushroom anchor embedded in the lake bottom.

Q: Is there drinking water at the lodge?
A:  The tap water in  the lodge is non-potable.  The water is piped up from the lake.  It is safe for bathing and washing dishes, but renters need to provide their own drinking water. 

Q: What should we do with left over food? Can we leave it for other renters?
A:  We ask you to take or throw out all food you have not consumed when you are ready to leave.

Q: Is there trash pickup?
A:  There are trash cans at the top of the hill.  The trash hauler comes once a week for pick up.

Q: What about recyclables?
A:  Recycling of paper, plastic, glass, and metal is mandatory in Addison County.  For a list of recyclable items visit the Addison County Solid Waste Management District. Recyclables should be sorted separately from household garbage by placing all your recyclable materials together in one bin.  The bin labeled at the top of the hill is for household garbage.   The other bin is for recyclables.  Our trash hauler picks up the recyclables and the household garbage. 
Most aluminum cans and bottles have redeemable monetary value at the local supermarket.
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